Kaiser Karl: Coke releases new Lagerfeld designed Bottles

Karl Lagerfeld, Diet Coke, Kaiser,

New Lagerfeld Designed Diet Coke Bottles

According to the Telegraph,  Coca Cola released images of the new Karl Lagerfeld designed Diet Coke bottles today. I personally get excited about all things Lagerfeld; not just his designs but this includes his teddy bear and figurine.The bottles won’t be available to Collectors and Diet Coke enthusiasts until summer but I imagine they will fly off shelves, just like all the other stuff the Kaiser has graced with his golden touch and genius mind. The pony-tailed silhouette of the Kaiser is still present (albeit a smaller version) and now the bottles feature three distinct  patterns, including stripes and stars. I personally prefer the more classic look of last years bottles (see below). What do you think, do you like the new bottles?

Kaiser, Karl Lagerfeld, Lagerfeld, Diet Coke

2010 Lagerfeld Designed Diet Coke Bottle


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