First Post: Men of Style

Fashions fade, style is eternal
-Yves Saint Laurent

I figured this quote was the best way to start off this post (and this blog).  There are many men (and women) of style in our world today but it is a dwindling population. Buying a Dolce and Gabbana jackets makes you no more fashionable then buying a Walmart jacket; it is how you wear it, how you feel wearing it and the style in which you wear it.

This blog won’t be about  what I wear or what I see people wearing on the street, it won’t be about Haute Couture or Avant Garde fashion. This blog is about Style, Fashion & Shiny things; what I see, what I like, what attracts me and what exciting.

I think men should be more stylish; I long for the slim cut suits, skinny ties and hats of 60s fashion. I think the world needs more proper “gentlemen”.

To end my first post, I am going to leave you with some pictures of my style icons, my men of style.

Tom Ford, Men of Style

Tom Ford

Karl Lagerfeld, Men of Style

Karl Lagerfeld Photo: REX

James Bond, Daniel Craig, Men of Style, Suit

James Bond

kanye west, suit, men of style,

Kanye West

David Beckham, fashion, Man of Style

David Beckham


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