Shiny Things: Louboutin Nuria Uomo Flats

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I know I promised this site is mostly about classic style, but I will admit I have a weak spot for leopard print.  I have battled with myself over the past few years whether or not I  would wear gladiator sandals if I bought them. I’m not much of a shorts guy, (see my Tom Ford post) so I don’t know if I would get good use out of gladiator sandals (or sandals at all). That was until I saw these Christian Louboutin Nuria Uomo men’s flats (available here for a cool $545). Now I am not saying I’m going out to go buy these; I would merely like to admire them in all their vast glory. Leopard printed pony Louboutin flats! Can you get any more chic for summer fun? Well this post belongs in the “Shiny Things” category even those these fabulous sandals are not “shiny”; they still caught my eye!


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