Behind the Scenes: Chanel 2.55

chanel, 2.55, I think its safe to say that almost everyone knows and has heard of Chanel; the french fashion house is one of the most famous and iconic brands out there. Who doesn’t recognize the interlocking double-C when they see it?  I know this is a men’s fashion blog but I stumbled across this very cool article  here on Trendland and it was too interesting to not share. I have already professed my love for Karl Lagerfeld and an interest in Chanel goes along with that.  The article is a behind the scenes look at the steps involved in creating the Chanel 2.55 which as we know is a timeless fashion staple. To me it’s fascinating the time and effort that is put into making this bag. Every step is precise, it’s not just thrown and sewn together, this is real quality and luxury. With Mother’s Day just days away, THIS would be the perfect gift for any and every mother our there. I would highly recommend checking out the article to see the whole gallery of pictures and read about the history behind the 2.55; did you know the name is derived from the date the bag was created? February 1955.

Chanel, 2.55, making of,

Making of Chanel 2.55 (Image from Trendland)


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