One Love: Giacomorelli vs Louboutin

A while ago I posted about these awesome leopard print, studded, pony hair, Giacomorelli loafers (here) and today I came across these Louboutin shoes which are very similar.

Giacomorelli, Leopard, Studded, Loafers
Louboutin, Rollerboy, Spikes, studded, stud, leopard, loafers

As you can see the shoes are quite similar, they both feature gold studs, leopard print and pony hair.  The most important question is: Which ones do you like more? Personally I prefer the Louboutin’s – I like the all over spikes – but they do come with a doubled price $1400 vs $600.  My other question is, who inspired who here? Which shoe came first? The shoes are different enough to not be copies but maybe one “inspired” the other. Thoughts?


One response to “One Love: Giacomorelli vs Louboutin

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