Review: Dsquared²

Dsquared² has been one of my favourite labels since I got interested in fashion; in fact, my first designer piece was Dsquared². Dean and Dan Caten, the Canadian born twin designers, always have so much fun with their shows and this one did not disappoint. The show had multiple themes and the clothes followed suit.

Dsquared, Dsquared2, Dsquared², Spring, Summer, 2012
Dsquared², Dsquared, Dsquared2, Spring,Summer, 2012, Dean, Dan, Caten

I love the bright coloured pants and double breasted blazers that are perfect for the summer holidays; then switch moods and look at the black blazer with the awesome lapels. The bright colours look perfect for wherever you spend your summer: the south of France, the Hamptons, or even Winnipeg.  Dsquared² continues to impress and I always look forward to watching their shows for not only the clothes but the accompanying theatrics.


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