Versace for H&M

Versace, H&M, Men, Iconic Collection, Versace for H&M

Source: Versace for H&M

A few months ago I had posted about Versace for H&M (here); since then we have seen previews of the women’s clothes, but nothing for the men. Finally H&M, with the help of River Viiperi, have given us a hint of what’s to come.

Versace for H&M, Jacket, Versace, H&M

Source: Versace for H&M

This jacket is very Versace! I am not sure if I would wear it; I can picture it on an overweight, bald man, smoking a cigar and wearing copious amounts of gold however.  I am curious as to how this jacket will fit and feel, which might change my mind on adding it to my wardrobe.

Versace for H&M, Pink Suit, Versace, H&M,

Source: Versace for H&M

This pink suit reminds me of these Topman suits from a few years ago. I would love to try it on and think I would find an excuse to wear it for sure! At the very least, I want a pair of those pink shoes.

What do you think of these two pieces? Would you want them? I am also interested to see what the pricing will be; will it be closer to H&M or closer to Versace pricing?


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