News: H&M and which designer are teaming up next…

H&M, mysterious, new collaboration

So although the Iconic Verscace for H&M collection is only just being released now it’s never too soon to start thinking: What’s (or who’s) next? Well Business Week caught up with H&M’s creative adviser Margareta van den Bosch and asked her just that. So who’s name came up? Hint: This designer is a favourite of mine and this blogs.

H&M, Tom Ford, Tom Ford for H&M, H&M designer colaboration The name Tom Ford, yes TOM FORD!!!!!!!!, came up and van den Bosch would love to work with him. Now I remember last year, this same rumour was floating around; but because it doesn’t seem to go away, I’m thinking it may be more true than we know. Although van den Bosch says she hasn’t talked to Ford and Tom Ford’s people have declined to comment, I won’t give up hope!!! So question is, who would you want designer for H&M next?



2 responses to “News: H&M and which designer are teaming up next…

  1. Tom Ford x H&M collab would be inSANE! But, I don’t think Mr. Ford would be in favour of his designs going mass-market; cosmetics + fragrances.

    Dolce & Gabbana, on the other hand, seems like a logical and potential suitor to collaborate with, especially now that they’ve ceased production and done away with their D&G diffusion line; a collaboration with H&M would be the perfecting marketing ploy for the mass-market, who can’t afford their main line, to get excited about their brand. Also, not only would it be a great business move, but could you imagine the designs!? Leopard, leopard, and more leopard!

    • If there is one thing I love it’s LEOPARD!!! The only thought with Tom Ford is, his collection would be more subdued & timeless, whereas Dolce and Gabbana would be loud and bright which is similar to the Versace collection. They might want to mix it up. I think my favorite one to date (for men at least) was the Viktor and Rolf one; they didn’t have very many pieces but the few they did were awesome.

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