Mensential: ABC of Men’s Fashion

abc of men's fashion, Sir Hardy Amies, Fashion Encyclopedia, Fashion Dictionary,This is a book I bought years ago and I have used it over and over again.  It is the perfect encyclopedia for all your sartorial needs and I believe every man should own one. With Christmas just around the corner,  this is the perfect gift for that guy in your life (especially if he is fashion challenged)! While you are at it, why not buy a copy for yourself too; it’s a great resource and looks super chic sitting on your bookshelf or thrown (carefully) upon your stack of old Vogue’s and GQ’s. It is available here on Amazon and I’m sure at local bookstores.


One response to “Mensential: ABC of Men’s Fashion

  1. Nick Wooster needs to get on that train and release a book, in collaboration with his street style counterparts. Now, THAT I would buy without question. We don’t currently share the same sensibilities in terms of style (I’m not that classy), but I do hope to acquire his type of swagger when I’m older. #boss

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