Mensential: DSquared Parka

DSquared2, DSquared, Winter Jacket, hooded parkaI love DSquared! I think that sums it up nicely; Dean and Dan Caten are two of my favourite designers,  plus they are Canadian (yay!) and they seem like the two most adorable men I’ve ever seen.   I know I have talked about them before and I will continue to talk about them. I came across this jacket (here, now on for $1855) and I fell in LOVE. When you live in such frigid temperatures like I do, one must always be on the lookout for a combo of warmth and style and I think this jacket has both!!!

I love the huge hood (full disclosure: I’m a sucker for a big hood or a cool collar) and it just seems so warm and cozy. I think I would try to sleep in it it looks so fun!! Since I am sending LEBIGT some xmas sweaters (here) I figured he could return the favour and buy me this jacket. I don’t even expect him to wrap it, just some nice Louis Vuitton tissue paper and thrown into a Birkin and that’s it! I mean the jacket is already on sale…Anyways, what do you think of this jacket? Is it a Mensential for Winter 2012 or should it be left on the sale rack?


4 responses to “Mensential: DSquared Parka

  1. Shall I ship it to your office or home address? Maybe home, to keep your co-workers’ grubby hands off the Birkin.

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  3. Where can I find the jacket now?

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