Preview: SWIMS Spring Summer 2012 Collection

SWIMS,SS12,Classic, SWIMS SS12 Classic, rubber, Spring, Summer, 2012,Growing up I always thought it was funny that my dad would wear rubber booties over his shoes when he went to work; now that I’m in my 20’s, I get it. Why let a beautiful pair of shoes get beaten up by salt and water? So I have been looking for a pair of rubbers or overshoes for some time.  The big issue was, I didn’t want just a boring old pair of black rubbers.  I guess that’s what Johan Ringdal, the founder of SWIMS, and I have in common (that and similar names). SWIMS has reinvented the classic rubber and it is now available in eight awesome colours: Green, Brown, Burgundy, Black, Red, Blue, Orange and Dusty Olive. With SWIMS Spring Summer 2012 collection, they have more than eight colours of overshoes to offer. SWIMS also features loafers , which come in four styles (there is a more traditional runner and two women’s styles as well) and are made of water resistant rubber which make them an excellent shoe for summer time. I remember when I first came across SWIMS, it was almost a year ago and I was browsing through Harry Rosen in downtown Toronto. These bright loafers caught my eye and my first thought was, “Woah! Does Crocs make loafers now?” Only after quickly being informed by the very helpful and friendly salesperson that these were most definitely not Crocs, did I dare take a closer look. I was impressed with what I saw too.

SWIMS,SS12,Men, flat front loafer, SWIMS SS12 Men flat front loafer, This is the flat front loafer and is available in Regatta Blue (above), Red/White and Navy.SWIMS SS12 Men lace front loafer, SWIMS,SS12,Men,lace front loafer, rubber shoesThis is the lace front loafer which is available Navy, Black, Regatta Blue/Orange, Optical White/Navy (above) and Navy/White.SWIMS SS12 Men Penny Front Loafer, SWIMS,SS12,Men,Penny,Front,Loafer, Spring, Summer, 2012, rubber loafer, rubber shoeThe Penny Front Loafer is available in seven colours including Black, Optical White, Navy (above), Regatta Blue, Java Brown, Navy/Light Grey, Light Grey/Blue.SWIMS SS12 Men wave front loafer, SWIMS,SS12,Men,wave,front,loafer, Spring, Summer, 2012, rubber loafer, rubber shoesLast but not least is the Wave Front Loafer which unfortunately is only available in three colours: Nile Blue (above), Midnight Shadow Blue and Black & Velvet.

The best thing about SWIMS loafers is their versatility. These shoes can be worn all day long; from the beach, to the store, then out for dinner and back. SWIMS feature an anti-slip, non-marking, natural rubber sole, antibacterial mesh and an anti-bacterial EVA insole with ventilation system. Basically, this means that your feet stay dry and don’t become a hot, sweaty mess as you run around. SWIMS are available at Neiman Marcus, Scoop and Brooks Brothers in the US and Harry Rosen in Canada. For other countries you have to visit their site and their online store (here) is coming soon. The SWIMS Classics are a must-have for me, especially with the spring melt approaching, but I think I may have to pick up a pair of the loafers for summer as well.

SWIMS Spring Summer 2012 Preview, SWIMS,Spring,Summer,2012, preview, rubber loafer, rubber shoe


2 responses to “Preview: SWIMS Spring Summer 2012 Collection

  1. if i wnt to buy 1 of these loafers where can i find them???????? holla @demar_damir plzzz n tnx

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