Happy Valentines Day!

Hellraiser Mens By Unif Pink SilverHappy Valentines Day….to me! Okay, okay Happy Valentines Day to you as well. We all know today can be a great day for couples but if you aren’t a “couple”, it can be a sad day…but not if you have these!!! I found these awesome Hellraiser Mens Flats By Unif at Solestruck (here) and I needed a pair right away. They come in three different colours (four if you can fit a smaller women’s size) that include pink, black and wine, the forth is leopard print. So what happened this morning? The nice Canada Postman came by and dropped off my pair (could there be a better V-day gift?). I can’t wait to wear these! In fact, I have been wearing them around the house just because I love them so much.Hellraiser Mens By Unif Pink SilverHellraiser Mens By Unif Pink Silver


2 responses to “Happy Valentines Day!

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  2. These shoes are sooo HOT! Do you still wear them? Amazing how far men’s shoes have come…..

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