Mensential: Gladiator Sandals

Baptiste Giabiconi for Pirelli Calendar 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld

"Gladiator" Baptiste Giabiconi

With Spring right around the corner and Summer to follow right after, it’s time to start planning your wardrobe. One thing that I have been on the fence about for the last few years is sandals, more specifically “Gladiator” sandals. Now we have all seen lovely ladies rocking their sandals all over the place, but question is…is it our turn?I’ve found five versions of the modern day gladiator sandal that I love.Alexander McQueen Leather SandalsThese Alexander McQueen Leather Sandals, available here, are gorgeous! I love the straps and they look super comfy! Seeing as I am not a huge sandal guy (my feet prefer the comfort of shoes and boots) I think these would be the best ones for me, although if you spend too much time in the sun, you may end up with some crazy tan lines. Jil Sander Dark Brown Safari SandalsThe Jil Sander Dark Brown Safari Sandal is a more modern and simple look as opposed to the above sandal. It is available here and perhaps is a better option if you really are concerned with tan lines.Paul Smith Leather Pierrot SandalsThe Paul Smith Leather Pierrot Sandals (available here) is a balance between the Alexander McQueen Leather Sandals and the Jil Sander Dark Brown Safari Sandal. It has enough straps and detail without being overdone.Yves Saint-Laurent Black Leather SandalsI love this Yves Saint-Laurent Black Leather Sandals (available here), it’s very similar to the Jil Sander but comes in black leather and would easily be an everyday option as temperatures rise.Lanvin Dark Blue Bride SandalsFor a different colour as opposed to the classic brown or black, check out the Lanvin Dark Blue Bride Sandals, available here.

So now it’s time to do some shopping and add these versatile sandals to our wardrobe and throw out those UGLY flip-flops (unless of course you are going for a pedicure). Question is, will you be rocking the Gladiators or stick with a more simple sandal?


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