Mensential: Seventy Eight Percent Man bag

Seventy Eight PercentEveryman needs at least one bag, that will come with you everywhere. That’s what Seventy Eight Percent aims to create, that one bag that you’ll keep with your and, like a fine wine, will get better with age.Seventy Eight Percent Gustav Blue Mens BagThe Seventy Eight Percent Gustav is the perfect Messenger Bag, designed to carry your belongings in comfort and style.  It is available here for $325 and comes in seven different colours including black, mushroom, dark olive, red hot, happy blue, chocolate  and desert. This is perfect for the man who needs to fit everything in his bag and go go go!Seventy Eight Percent Max iPad caseIf you are a fan of matching and even if you aren’t the max is the perfect sleeve for your iPad. The Seventy Eight Percent Max “is a stylish and functional leather sleeve tailored to hold the iPad 1 and iPad 2. ” It can be found here for $225 and comes in five different colours: cobalt, elephant, pink,  wood and dark brown. To me this is the perfect sleeve because it’s small and simple, yet totally fashionable and protects your iPad.Seventy Eight Percent Benny Macbook case MenSeventy Eight Percent BennyThe Seventy Eight Percent Benny is your best option for when you want to carry your Macbook and a few other things without carrying your whole bag. It also doubles as a super stylish and professional looking portfolio to carry around with you. The Benny is available here for $250 and comes in six colours: olive, pink, black, chocolate, khaki and milk.

Seventy Eight Percent bags are the perfect accessory for men as they conquer the “Urban Jungle” and like I mentioned earlier, as the bags age, they get better! It’s time men trade in their hiking backpacks and neoprene sleeves and step up their “Bag” game.


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