Must Have: Givenchy Shark Sweater

Tinei Tempah, Givenchy, SharkI have really been loving Givenchy’s use of animals, whether it be the Rottweiler or in this case the Shark. Tinie Tempah looks great in the above shark sweater. Riccardo Tisci is an amazing designer and I end up falling in love with so many of the clothes that are paraded down his runways and this is no exception.Haute Pursuit wearing Shark SweaterNow you may be wondering how do I go from Tinie Tempah to the image above, well some of you may be familiar with The Haute Pursuit, if not, she is a super chic style blogger and that’s her above rocking the Givenchy Shark sweater. The Haute Pursuit also has a solution for you should you not being able to find or afford the Givenchy original, she is selling her own version of the Shark Sweatshirt. It may not be Givenchy but it definitely has the same look and you’ll be able to rock it without anyone being the wiser. Check it out below.The Haute Pursuit Shark Sweatshirt   The sweatshirt comes in three mens sizes, S,M,L and is available for $75 (available here) which is a far cry from what it would cost you to get the original. I know I want to get my hands on one of these beauties but act quickly because supplies are limited and it’s first come, first serve.


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