Shiny Things: Native Union POP Bluetooth Handset

Aliza Licht The CoveteurI don’t know if you remember or happened to see but The Coveteur featured Aliza Licht a.k.a. DKNY PR Girl on their site a while back. The above image coupled with Aliza professing her love for her red Native Union Handset really caught my attention. So I went to the Native Union website and bought my very own handset; although the colour I chose was slightly different than the fiery red, see below.Gold Native Union HandsetThat’s right I bought the gold version of the handset and I LOVE it. I have used it many times and since I am notorious for muting people with my ear, it’s been a difference maker. PLUS, it came in a really cool case that I continue to store it in.

I now present to you the new Native Union POP bluetooth handsets; these have been upgraded since my purchase. The phones now feature a volume control on the handset and bluetooth technology (no more wires!!), plus they still come in all sorts of fun colours. The bluetooth allows users to roam up to a 10-meter range and simultaneous pairing lets users connect up to two devices quickly and easily, with the touch of a button.

Native Union Bluetooth Pop Handset

Now I imagine the question you are asking yourself is, why? Why do I need a handset for my phone? The reason is, besides not hitting hold, mute or any other buttons with your ear, to eliminate up to 96% of radiation compared to using a mobile phone. These handsets will work with all your Apple gadgets (iPhone, iPad, Macbook) plus all other sorts of gadgets (Note: your device may require an adapter). You can visit the Native Union website to buy these fun handsets for $49.99. These handsets are awesome to have at home, especially if you don’t have a landline, and just as handy to have sitting on your desk at work. Check out more images below.Native Union POP bluetooth neon greenNative Union POP bluetooth handset


8 responses to “Shiny Things: Native Union POP Bluetooth Handset

  1. Amazing!! A Bluetooth POP! I love all their products… and will definitely be upgrading!

  2. Where can you get these from???!?!

  3. Thanks for the feature! We’re thrilled that you like it.

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