Brand Preview: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

Maison Martin Margiela, H&MSo it’s that time again, H&M and another amazing designer have paired up for a collection launching November 15 worldwide. This time the designer is Maison Martin Margiela which is a label known for design and tailoring. As the release date of this collection is nearing, images from the campaign (see above and after the jump), shot by Sam Taylor-Wood, are appearing on the internet. PLUS some of the clothes!!Maison Martin Margiela for H&MI love this campaign image, it’s not overly fancy but it speaks to the brand itself. Now let’s get to the images from the collection, there are lots more out there but I am focussing on the menswear save for a coat at the end.Maison Martin Margiela, H&MIt might be hard to tell but that silver scarf is actually part of the jacket, although it is detachable. I think this is the one piece I really want to get my hands on. Check out some of the other pieces below.Maison Martin Margiela H&MMaison Martin Margiela H&MMaison Martin Margiela H&MMaison Martin Margiela H&MSo now that you have seen the pieces for the collection, are you excited? Will you be lining up November 15 to get your hands on some of these pieces? I know I want that first blazer and maybe a few other pieces once I see it in store but for now I will just be waiting for November 15 with bated breath.

As promised here is the one women’s piece that I am in love with; I would buy this if I were a girl, I may well still buy it I like it so much. I love how it looks like a big duvet cover you can wrap yourself in. The only issue I imagine is the fact it is white which could tend to get fairly dirty but I guess this also wouldn’t end up being your everyday winter coat.Maison Martin Margiela, H&M


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