Man of Style: James Bond

James Bond, 007, SkyfallBond, James Bond. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, James Bond is back in his 23rd adventure, Skyfall.  Skyfall will also be featuring Tom Ford clothing for the second consecutive Bond flick.Daniel Craig, James Bond, Skyfall, Tom Ford suitTom Ford discusses his excitement in being able to dress James Bond in this Vogue UK article. James Bond was previously dressed in Brioni suits but I can’t think of a better designer for the modern James Bond to wear than Tom Ford.  The James Bond lifestyle is all about exotic women, locations and kicking ass; the sexiness of Tom Ford fits this lifestyle perfectly. Daniel Craig looks dapper as hell in all three of these images from the movie; Craig just fills out the suit perfectly (I know they are tailored for him).Daniel Craig, James Bond, Skyfall, Tom FordIn her first Bond film, Skyfall costume desginer Jany Temime does an excellent job of dressing James Bond, although it does help that she is dressing him in Tom Ford. Check out the Skyfall costume video below to gain a little more insight into what goes into dressing 007.

Skyfall is opening today for all you lucky folks in the UK and will be opening in North America on November 9th. Daniel Craig reprises his roll as James Bond as he faces off with Javier Bardem and Bérénice Marlohe plays the stunning Bond girl. I know I can’t wait to see this!


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