Must Have: John Galliano & Giuseppe Zanotti

John Galliano Gold Leather JacketI know my blog has been “Must Have” focused lately with the exception being the #BeGeekChic giveaway but please bear with me; there will be more original content coming. That being said, I have a 2-for-1 Must Have today. John Galliano Gold Leather JacketThe first item is the very bright and very gold John Galliano leather jacket. It is available here from SSENSE for only $4250 (EEK!). Now that is a (very) high price to pay for a leather jacket but this is not ordinary leather jacket, this is a metallic gold, John Galliano leather jacket. I think this would be on of those items that spends a good time of it’s life in a suit bag in your closet until the right occasion comes along, but when that occasion happens you will be THRILLED you had this jacket ready and waiting. Now on to the second of my finds today.GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI, GOLD SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL KEVIN LOAFERS

I was in Harry Rosen on the weekend and I saw a similar pair but I did not spot these Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Swarovski Crystal Kevin Loafer and boy am I glad I didn’t! These shoes are beautiful works of art.GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI, GOLD SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL KEVIN LOAFERS

These shoes are also available from SSENSE here and for a much more reasonable $1375. Once again, these won’t become your everyday shoes but you are sure to make a statement when you pull these bad boys out. In fact, I would be a fan of wearing the jacket as well as these loafers at the same time. I realize that it’s a lot of “bling” but you know what they say, Go big or Go Home. What do you think? Do you like the jacket? The shoes? Neither?


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