Third day of Christmas: Three designer pouches

Fashjon ChristmasOn the third day of Christmas, Fashjon sent to me three designer pouches, two pairs of leather gloves and eShave shave cream. So instead of always carrying a big bag around, sometimes it’s nice to just throw your portfolio or ipad in a pouch with a few other necessities and go! So on the third day of Fashjon Christmas, I present to you three awesome designer pouches.

Givenchy, PouchThe first one is this Givenchy Horn Star Soft Leather Big Pouch Bag, available from LuisaViaRoma for $482. 

Givenchy, pouchThe second bag is this awesome Givenchy Quilted Patent Leather Big Pouch Bag, available from LuisaViaRoma for $526.

Lanvin, snakeskin, pythonThe third one is my personal favourite, this gorgeous Lanvin Python and Snakeskin pouch, also available from LuisaViaRoma for $788.

All three of these pouches would be perfect gifts for the fashionisto in your life, think of it as male version of a clutch; small enough to fit in one hand and not be bulky but big enough to hold all the essentials.


8 responses to “Third day of Christmas: Three designer pouches

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