Fourth day of Christmas: Four skinny ties

Fashjon Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas, Fashjon sent to me four skinny ties, three designer pouches, two pairs of leather gloves and eShave shave cream. Everyman needs at least one nice tie, the fashionisto in you life probably needs more than one. Check out these four ties as awesome stocking stuffers:

alexander mcqueen, grey, tieThis Alexander McQueen grey, ivory print tie ($140 from Ssense) is an awesome piece. The pattern is simple yet is perfect for fall and winter; this could be worn to work and then to the club right after, fitting in everywhere.

billtornade, leopard, tieOut of all the ties, this Billtornade Bronze, silk, leopard tie ($52 from Ssense) is my personal favourite! It is an awesome way to add a little animal print to your look without being completely obvious.

alexander mcqueen, ivory, multicolour, tieFor the more daring fashionisto, this Alexander McQueen ivory, multicolour palm tie available from Ssense for $230 is a perfect gift. It’s more daring but not tacky like a Father’s Day gift.

Billtornade, black, silk, tieThis Billtornade black silk tie $46 from Ssesne is a wardrobe staple; every guy needs a black tie and this skinny (and affordable) one is a must have.

Everyman needs a tie (or maybe four) and these four are great options to start from, a little bit of something for everyone. What will Fashjon have in store for the Sixth day of Christmas?


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