Twelfth Day of Christmas: Twelve Shiny Sunglasses

Fashjon, ChristmasOn the twelfth day of Christmas, Fashjon sent to me twelve shiny sunglasses, eleven winter coats, ten fancy scarves, nine pairs of loafers, eight pairs of boots, seven cardigans , six Happy socks, five wash bags, four skinny ties, three designer pouches, two pairs of leather gloves and eShave shave cream.

Every guy needs at least one good pair of sunglasses; in my opinion they need multiple pairs of good sunglasses. They need a metal frame and a plastic frame, a bigger frame and a smaller frame, a darker pair and a lighter pair. So for the twelfth and final day of Christmas, I went and found twelve pairs of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut:
Tom Ford, Ace, sunglassesTom Ford Ace $460

Tom Ford, snowdon, sunlgassesTom Ford Snowdon $468

Tom Ford, sunglassesTom Ford $420

Tom Ford, blake, sunglassesTom Ford Blake $445

Tom Ford, sunglassesTom Ford $420

dolce & gabbana, sunglassesDolce and Gabbana $330

dolce & gabbana, sunglassesDolce and Gabbana $216

ray-ban, wayfarer, sunglassesRay-Ban Wayfarer $189 or here

Ray-Ban, aviatorRay-Ban Aviator $179 or here

Persol, sunglassesPersol $465

Versace, sunglassesVersace $240

Oakley, frogskinOakley Frogskin $190

Also check out for more info


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