Must Have: A tale of three Jackets

Kanye West, Leather Sleeves Jacket, Leather Sleeves menThe leather sleeve jacket trend has been going on for a while and there are images all over the internet of guys  (like Kanye above) rocking this look. Well I decided to join the club this weekend; for those who follow me on twitter (@Fashjon) you may have seen me going back and forth on whether or not to buy a jacket from Zara. Eventually I bought it and there will be pictures to come. However, since most of Zara’s designs are “borrowed” from the runway, I decided to look at the jackets that inspired my purchased. I found three jackets from Mr.Porter that would fit the bill.Alexander McQueen, Leather sleeve, jacket, menswear, The first is this Alexander McQueen Leather and Suede Bomber jacket available here for $2550.Givenchy, hooded leather jacket, Leather sleeve, jacket, menswear, The second is this Givenchy leather and quilted-neoprene hooded jacket available here for $2930.Saint Laurent, Leather sleeve, jacket, menswear, Last but not least is this Saint Laurent Paris jacket which most closely resembles my latest purchase. You can buy it here for $1330.

(Header Image via Mod Impulse)


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