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Giveaway: #BecomeAnIcon thanks to Fashjon and

framework-glasses1Moxy Creative created this poster showing iconic eyewear and it perfectly demonstrates how eyewear, whether it be sun or sight, can totally transform who you are and become part of your “look”. Take the images below for example, it’s just a pair of glasses, except we know it as Yves Saint Laurent, and you never see Karl Lagerfeld without his trademark frames.

Yves Saint Laurent, glasses, Saint Laurent, YSLKarl Lagerfeld, teddy bear, glassesJust like Elton John became an icon thanks to his glasses, you can too thanks to Fashjon & Continue reading


Giveaway: #BeGeekChic thanks to Clearly Contacts and Fashjon

Derek Cardigan, glasses, flo rida, geek chic

A great pair of frames can be the finishing touch on any guys look, case in point the above image. Another example is Colin Firth below, how great does he look? Colin Firth, geek chic, glasses Continue reading