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Zara’s Menswear

Zara, men, fashionSo I as I mentioned the other day, I have been doing a lot of online shopping (more like browsing) in order to find new ideas and pieces for spring and summer. I posted a bunch of Topman sweaters the other day and now I have moved on to Zara. Their pieces move quickly so they ones I post today might not be there in a week, but they are still pieces I would for sure like to get my hands on. Especially the Alexander Wang inspired t-shirts with leather detail. Check out my picks from Zara after the jump. Continue reading


Must Have: A tale of three Jackets

Kanye West, Leather Sleeves Jacket, Leather Sleeves menThe leather sleeve jacket trend has been going on for a while and there are images all over the internet of guys  (like Kanye above) rocking this look. Well I decided to join the club this weekend; for those who follow me on twitter (@Fashjon) you may have seen me going back and forth on whether or not to buy a jacket from Zara. Eventually I bought it and there will be pictures to come. However, since most of Zara’s designs are “borrowed” from the runway, I decided to look at the jackets that inspired my purchased. I found three jackets from Mr.Porter that would fit the bill. Continue reading

Must Have: Alexander McQueen Woven Leather Skull Bracelet

Alexander McQueen, skull, braceletSo I was again browsing LuisaViaRoma and I came across this amazing Alexander McQueen bracelet. The woven leather is perfect; it makes this bracelet a great accessory for business and pleasure. I know I want this and it will be added to my wish list for sure.


Must Have: Saint Laurent Paris outfit

So I am home alone on a Friday night and as I so often do, I started browsing LuisaViaRoma and the new Saint Laurent Paris collection and I immediately fell in love with three pieces so without further adieu here is my Friday night outfit: Continue reading

Must Have: DSquared2 Fuchsia Velvet Blazer



I remember a few years ago I wanted a red velvet blazer after being inspired by DSquared2; then I saw Keven Federline wearing one and the dream was over. Well I can happily say I have a new one and this is it! I love love LOVE this DSquared2 Fuchsia Velvet Blazer from SSENSE (here). I think this jacket would look awesome for formal occasions but I would be tempted to wear it often. It’s the perfect amount of “pop” and colour. Do you like this blazer or is it too much?

Must Have: John Galliano & Giuseppe Zanotti

John Galliano Gold Leather JacketI know my blog has been “Must Have” focused lately with the exception being the #BeGeekChic giveaway but please bear with me; there will be more original content coming. That being said, I have a 2-for-1 Must Have today. Continue reading

Must Have: Dr.Martens Spiked Shoes

Dr. Martens, Doc Martens, studded shoes, spiked shoes, mensA few days ago I posted about a wicked Alexander McQueen scarf and what better way to complement that accessory than with these Dr. Martens Spiked shoes. Once again they are available here from LuisaViaRoma but what truly matters is how awesome these shoes are. I imagine from a distance these would look like normal black shoes but upon closer inspection one would notice how badass they are. The black on black look is always a popular and solid choice and this is no exception. If you recall, I already own one pair of spiked shoes but I think these are a must have to add to my collection. What do you think?

Must Have: Jeffrey Campbell Man Studded Boots

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I have been looking for a pair of studded boots lately and the only pair I could find were these Dolce & Gabbana ones, which are a little out of my price range. Then this morning I was browsing solestruck and I came across these amazing Jeffrey Campbell Man Studded Boots. They are available here for only $335 which is a steal if you ask me. It’s taking all my willpower to not buy these as I am writing this blog post. I know the studded trend has been around for quite some time now but it’s still not too late to jump on it and what better way than these Jeffrey Campbell mens studded boots!

Must Have: Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

Alexander McQueen Skull ScarfAs I so often do (here and here), I was browsing LuisaViaRoma and I came across another item I LOVE! This  Alexander McQueen Skull Print Wool Scarf (available here) is amazing. I’m sure we all know the common Alexander McQueen skull scarf (this one) but this takes it to a whole new level. I am a huge fan of the subtly charcoal on black colouring and the giant skull versus the multiple ones. It does come in a white and black colouring as well but I definitely prefer the darker colouring. When I woke up this morning, it was cold outside but having this scarf around my neck would keep me warm all day! You like?

Must Have: Givenchy Shark Sweater

Tinei Tempah, Givenchy, SharkI have really been loving Givenchy’s use of animals, whether it be the Rottweiler or in this case the Shark. Tinie Tempah looks great in the above shark sweater. Riccardo Tisci is an amazing designer and I end up falling in love with so many of the clothes that are paraded down his runways and this is no exception. Continue reading