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Giveaway: #BecomeAnIcon thanks to Fashjon and ClearlyContacts.ca

framework-glasses1Moxy Creative created this poster showing iconic eyewear and it perfectly demonstrates how eyewear, whether it be sun or sight, can totally transform who you are and become part of your “look”. Take the images below for example, it’s just a pair of glasses, except we know it as Yves Saint Laurent, and you never see Karl Lagerfeld without his trademark frames.

Yves Saint Laurent, glasses, Saint Laurent, YSLKarl Lagerfeld, teddy bear, glassesJust like Elton John became an icon thanks to his glasses, you can too thanks to Fashjon & ClearlyContacts.ca. Continue reading


It’s here! Karl Lagerfeld x tokidoki

karl lagerfeld, tokidoki, parisSo as I mentioned last week (here) Karl Lagerfeld and tokidoki have teamed up to create another Karl Lagerfeld figure and collection available in Karl Lagerfeld boutiques and Net-a-Porter. Check out the new figures after the jump. Continue reading

tokidoki x Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, Tokidoki, Karl, LagerfeldFirst off, I want to apologize for my lack of posts lately, I’ll save the excuses but it’s been a busy summer. Now more important is tokidoki is teaming up with Karl Lagerfeld once again. Continue reading

Must Have: Fashionable Posters by Fashionotes

Fashionotes,Karl Lagerfeld, PosterI’m always looking for cool fashion and art pieces to decorate my place with and when I stumbled across these, I fell in love! Fashionotes has created nine fashionable posters featuring well-known fashion designers and a quote. Continue reading

Must Read: Carine Roitfeld by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, Carine Roitfeld, Interview Magazine, Karl & Carine

Stephane Feugere

I am a big fan of Interview Magazine and love reading their interviews, especially with Fashion people. This interview however is the crème de la crème; Karl Lagerfeld interviews Carine Roitfeld! Karl Lagerfeld  took  time from his crazy schedule and fabulous life to be the photographer for the article as well. Here are some highlights from the interview but be sure to check out the full thing here. Click here for excerpts of the Interview

Kaiser Karl: Coke releases new Lagerfeld designed Bottles

Karl Lagerfeld, Diet Coke, Kaiser,

New Lagerfeld Designed Diet Coke Bottles

According to the Telegraph,  Coca Cola released images of the new Karl Lagerfeld designed Diet Coke bottles today. I personally get excited about all things Lagerfeld; not just his designs but this includes his teddy bear and figurine.The bottles won’t be available to Collectors and Diet Coke enthusiasts until summer but I imagine they will fly off shelves, just like all the other stuff the Kaiser has graced with his golden touch and genius mind. The pony-tailed silhouette of the Kaiser is still present (albeit a smaller version) and now the bottles feature three distinct  patterns, including stripes and stars. I personally prefer the more classic look of last years bottles (see below). What do you think, do you like the new bottles?

Kaiser, Karl Lagerfeld, Lagerfeld, Diet Coke

2010 Lagerfeld Designed Diet Coke Bottle

First Post: Men of Style

Fashions fade, style is eternal
-Yves Saint Laurent

I figured this quote was the best way to start off this post (and this blog).  There are many men (and women) of style in our world today but it is a dwindling population. Buying a Dolce and Gabbana jackets makes you no more fashionable then buying a Walmart jacket; it is how you wear it, how you feel wearing it and the style in which you wear it.

This blog won’t be about  what I wear or what I see people wearing on the street, it won’t be about Haute Couture or Avant Garde fashion. This blog is about Style, Fashion & Shiny things; what I see, what I like, what attracts me and what exciting.

I think men should be more stylish; I long for the slim cut suits, skinny ties and hats of 60s fashion. I think the world needs more proper “gentlemen”.

To end my first post, I am going to leave you with some pictures of my style icons, my men of style.

Tom Ford, Men of Style

Tom Ford

Karl Lagerfeld, Men of Style

Karl Lagerfeld Photo: REX

James Bond, Daniel Craig, Men of Style, Suit

James Bond

kanye west, suit, men of style,

Kanye West

David Beckham, fashion, Man of Style

David Beckham