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Daft Punk and CR Fashion Book

Daft Punk, CR Fashion Book,

Daft Punk sat down with Sky Ferreira for CR Fashion Book and while the interview is interesting, it’s the pictures that are AH-mazing.  Continue reading


Must Have: A tale of three Jackets

Kanye West, Leather Sleeves Jacket, Leather Sleeves menThe leather sleeve jacket trend has been going on for a while and there are images all over the internet of guys  (like Kanye above) rocking this look. Well I decided to join the club this weekend; for those who follow me on twitter (@Fashjon) you may have seen me going back and forth on whether or not to buy a jacket from Zara. Eventually I bought it and there will be pictures to come. However, since most of Zara’s designs are “borrowed” from the runway, I decided to look at the jackets that inspired my purchased. I found three jackets from Mr.Porter that would fit the bill. Continue reading

Must Have: Saint Laurent Paris outfit

So I am home alone on a Friday night and as I so often do, I started browsing LuisaViaRoma and the new Saint Laurent Paris collection and I immediately fell in love with three pieces so without further adieu here is my Friday night outfit: Continue reading