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Shiny Things: Topman Sweaters

Topman, Sweaters, FashjonI had the day off school today so besides studying and doing some intern stuff, I spent a considerable amount of time online shopping. I know a bunch of you really liked this Mickey and Minnie Sweater, so I decided to visit Topman again and check out their sweaters. Once again I did find two Mickey Mouse sweaters plus a few other cool ones.  Continue reading


Must Have: Dr.Martens Spiked Shoes

Dr. Martens, Doc Martens, studded shoes, spiked shoes, mensA few days ago I posted about a wicked Alexander McQueen scarf and what better way to complement that accessory than with these Dr. Martens Spiked shoes. Once again they are available here from LuisaViaRoma but what truly matters is how awesome these shoes are. I imagine from a distance these would look like normal black shoes but upon closer inspection one would notice how badass they are. The black on black look is always a popular and solid choice and this is no exception. If you recall, I already own one pair of spiked shoes but I think these are a must have to add to my collection. What do you think?

Must Have: Jeffrey Campbell Man Studded Boots

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I have been looking for a pair of studded boots lately and the only pair I could find were these Dolce & Gabbana ones, which are a little out of my price range. Then this morning I was browsing solestruck and I came across these amazing Jeffrey Campbell Man Studded Boots. They are available here for only $335 which is a steal if you ask me. It’s taking all my willpower to not buy these as I am writing this blog post. I know the studded trend has been around for quite some time now but it’s still not too late to jump on it and what better way than these Jeffrey Campbell mens studded boots!

Must Have: Dolce and Gabbana Mens Studded Boots

Dolce and Gabbana, Mens Studded Boots, MensSo I know lately I’ve just been posting items that I am falling in love with and want to buy and today will be no different, but please bear with me as I haven’t been shopping in too long so I’m lusting after pretty things. Continue reading

Review: Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2012 Menswear

Christopher Bailey Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2012 MenswearBurberry continued the trend of great suits and great coats; hopefully this is a trend we will see in all the shows. I love a great coat. Christopher Bailey’s collection for Burberry Prorsum is great. It is designed with the slim man in mind and tailoring is key. See more of Burberry Prorsum

Must Have: Louboutin Louis Men’s Flat Spikes

Louboutin, Louis Spikes, Christian Louboutin,  studded sneakers, spike sneakers, shoes, I know it seems all my posts have been about shoes lately…well I guess they have been but I really like shoes and these go along with my sneaker post. Anyways, a while back I talked about Christian Louboutin‘s new shoes (here) and I wasn’t very excited about the three pairs. Well in typical fashion, I came across these awesome sneakers and now I am very excited. The Louboutin Louis Men’s Flat Spikes are drool-worthy and as far as Loubs go, these are reasonably priced at a mere $1095 (available here). Now these aren’t for the faint of heart, but I love the spikes, (who knew that the spike trend would last this long) and coupled with the bright, eye-popping colours, these shoes are loads of fun! As far as what to wear these with, if you are bold enough to own a pair, then wear them with whatever you damn well please!

Shiny Things: Louboutin 2012 Men’s Shoes

Christian Louboutin, Louboutin, Spring Summer 2012, No Limit

I’ve professed my love of Louboutin many times (here, here & here) so naturally I was excited to see what his new Spring Summer 2012 collection would look like. Well let’s just say, I won’t be saving up to buy these anytime soon.I am a fan of studs & shiny things but these are too much for me! (which says a A LOT!) The No Limit something for everyone but I think it might too much something.  See more of Louboutin Spring Summer 2012

Canada Day: Shiny Shoes

Louboutin, rollerboy, spikes, metallic, glitter,I know it’s a day early but I’m away from the internet for the weekend so I figured what better way to celebrate Canada Day than with a pair of shiny, metallic, Louboutin Rollerboy spikes.  They can be yours for a cool $1300 (here). These are the perfect loafers for summer and fall!

Studs: Giacomorelli Shoes

Giacomorelli, leopard print loafers, studded loafers, leopard studs,So yesterday I declared my love for leopard print and now I have a second confession; I am immediately attracted to things with studs. Now I am not talking huge 80’s punk studs, I mean current day “fashion” studs. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across these Giacomorelli shoes; they combine studs and leopard print. Yes, you read correctly; Giacomorelli Leopard Horesehide Studded loafers! How awesome is that?!? The shoes are available here at Luisa Via Roma for only $630, which is a small price to pay for how chic these shoes are! Giacomorelli, 25, was born in Fermo, Italy in March of 1986. He moved to Milan to further his studies in fashion design at the Marangoni Institute and Milan is where he really grew and developed as a designer. Be sure to check out his website www.giacomorelli.com to check out all his men’s and women’s shoes.

Giacomorelli, studded loafers, blue studded loafers,As much as I love the leopard shoes which were part of his Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, I am just as excited for this pair of gorgeous, blue studded loafers from his Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Hopefully these shoes and the rest of his collection will be in stores soon; until then we can just visit his website and keep drooling and dreaming of wearing these shoes! I would keep my eye on Giacomorelli as he is truly a rising star in fashion and if he keeps making shoes as beautiful as these, I might have a closet full very soon.