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Giveaway: #BecomeAnIcon thanks to Fashjon and ClearlyContacts.ca

framework-glasses1Moxy Creative created this poster showing iconic eyewear and it perfectly demonstrates how eyewear, whether it be sun or sight, can totally transform who you are and become part of your “look”. Take the images below for example, it’s just a pair of glasses, except we know it as Yves Saint Laurent, and you never see Karl Lagerfeld without his trademark frames.

Yves Saint Laurent, glasses, Saint Laurent, YSLKarl Lagerfeld, teddy bear, glassesJust like Elton John became an icon thanks to his glasses, you can too thanks to Fashjon & ClearlyContacts.ca. Continue reading


Eleventh Day of Christmas: Eleven Winter Coats

Fashjon, Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Fashjon sent to me eleven winter coats, ten fancy scarvesnine pairs of loaferseight pairs of bootsseven cardigans , six Happy socks,  five wash bagsfour skinny tiesthree designer pouchestwo pairs of leather gloves and eShave shave creamContinue reading

Mensential: Gladiator Sandals

Baptiste Giabiconi for Pirelli Calendar 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld

"Gladiator" Baptiste Giabiconi

With Spring right around the corner and Summer to follow right after, it’s time to start planning your wardrobe. One thing that I have been on the fence about for the last few years is sandals, more specifically “Gladiator” sandals. Now we have all seen lovely ladies rocking their sandals all over the place, but question is…is it our turn? Continue reading

Must Have: Fashionable Posters by Fashionotes

Fashionotes,Karl Lagerfeld, PosterI’m always looking for cool fashion and art pieces to decorate my place with and when I stumbled across these, I fell in love! Fashionotes has created nine fashionable posters featuring well-known fashion designers and a quote. Continue reading

You can do anything but lay off of my blue rubber shoes

Vivienne Westwood, LOGO ORB RUBBER LOAFERS, Rubber Loafers, Blue Rubber LoafersWhen “they” say a man shouldn’t leave home without his Rubbers, I’m not sure this is what they are talking about.  Before I continue, there is a little bit of business that needs to be taken care of.  I want to officially dedicate this post (on rubbers no less) to Samantha Lim (@iamsamlim), for those who don’t know (or follow) her, she is the fab Editor-In-Chic of FashionIndie (@fashionindie). Check them out and give them a follow, once you are done here! Anyways, with business taken care of, we can get back to shoes! Click here to see more Blue Rubber Shoes