Must Read: Carine Roitfeld by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, Carine Roitfeld, Interview Magazine, Karl & Carine

Stephane Feugere

I am a big fan of Interview Magazine and love reading their interviews, especially with Fashion people. This interview however is the crème de la crème; Karl Lagerfeld interviews Carine Roitfeld! Karl Lagerfeld  took  time from his crazy schedule and fabulous life to be the photographer for the article as well. Here are some highlights from the interview but be sure to check out the full thing here.

Here they are discussing Carine’s early days and working with Mario Testino:

ROITFELD: It’s very you and very me, isn’t it, Karl? It would be perfect. I couldn’t do things like that before with my job. Because now I have all of this freedom ahead of me. I only want to do fun projects.

LAGERFELD: I think freedom is your biggest luxury. You were literally jailed before.

Carine talking about being fabulous and Karl’s view on children:

ROITFELD: Well, otherwise you’re too far removed from reality. You’re in your car, you’re in your jet—you don’t have a grip on reality. We can lose touch with reality quite easily.

LAGERFELD: I know some stylists who are like that and it’s sad. If I were a woman, I would love to have lots of kids. But for men, I don’t believe in it.

Who and what influenced Carine’s style:

ROITFELD: Certainly. I think in movies, there are many females, many scenes, many looks . . . I have always adored Romy Schneider’s trench coat and her little scarf with lace around the neck from the film Max and the Junkmen [1971].

The whole interview is a MUST-READ and the pictures are stunning, but with two of the most influential people in fashion involved anything less would be a major disappointment.


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